Peabody Awards App 2.0

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About The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards started as a mirror to the Pulitzer Prize and honored excellence in broadcast journalism, but quickly began to award storytelling across a variety of media platforms, from cable news and television programs to video games and emerging media. The Peabodys’ emphasis on stories that matter make it one of the most prestigious awards given in the media world. As Walter Cronkite once said: “You count your Emmys, you cherish your Peabodys.”

Information About Our Project

For this project, we were tasked with updating and finalizing the current iOS application for the Peabody Awards while working on an Android app that will have similar design and functionality as the iOS application. Our team also created a sustainable way to update and create content for the app through a Wordpress back end. Ideally, this content management system would have a web interface which would connect with an app, as this would make sure users have an up-to-date experience without having to manually update the app. Additionally, we made design modifications to the interface of the app in order to make it more user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and more in line with the Peabody Awards standards.


  • Update the app
  • Make changes
  • Deploy to store


  • Finalized App
  • App in the Store
  • Website to update content in future

Demo Video of Our Project

Our UX Map - Marvel Prototype

The UX map highlights key changes that we wanted to incorporate into the app. We first included a hamburger menu that allows for a more organized and user friendly interface. Additionally, based on our user survey results we decided to integrate a Spotify-like design that calls for easier user interaction with the awards section of the app. Although the former app did not allow for much personalization, the updated UX map includes a section titled “Favorites” in which users can save award-winners that they would like to access later. .

Screenshots from the App

Meet the Team

Our team of developers, designers, and writers consists of students pursuing the New Media Certificate at the University of Georgia.